10 Must-Know Things Before You Buy Your Baby Boy Clothes

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Couples who are expecting their first baby are the most confused shoppers. They are not sure what to purchase that will suit the baby and at the same time be comfortable for him. Every parent wants his or her baby to look like the absolute fashion icon from birth. As for a baby boy to look like a dapper baby boy, there are a few clothing items you need to put together to make your baby boy look the cutest.

You can assemble the best wardrobe for your baby if you pay attention to the smallest details, and it will not take much effort from your side. Here are a few tips that will guide you on dressing your baby boy and a few things you should keep in mind before you go shopping for your baby boy.

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1. Make Them A Little Gender Specified

Baby clothes are almost similar, but the clothes are still differentiated based on gender. When you buy baby clothes a bit gender specified, for example, cowboy suits and cars themed clothes for boys, it looks good. Even superhero-themed garments are an excellent option for baby boy clothes. Rompers and dungarees are my favorite clothing item, and they look great on baby boys but don't make the newborn babies wear them because they might be a bit uncomfortable to wear.

2. Don’t Buy Jeans Pants Yet

The jeans' cloth is stiff, and I know it looks great, but don't make your baby wear it yet. It can cause a rash on the legs of the baby. Once the baby can sit on his own, you can make your baby wear jeans' pants, but before that, prefer pants of softer material, and if you find softer denim for baby boys, then it is the best option. It looks as good as the original one, and it is also comfortable for the baby.

3. Shop for the Next 2 to 3 Months

When you are buying clothes for your baby, be sure not to buy clothes for more than two to three months because after that the baby will grow up and his clothes won't fit your baby anymore. Instead of buying too many clothes of larger size, it is better that you buy fewer pieces of the right size. For a baby boy, the size fits the baby for three months in the first 15 to 18 months. So you should shop for not more than two months at a time.

4. Shop According to the Season

Usually, parents buy warm clothes for babies thinking to keep them warm, but as you buy your clothes according to the season, you should purchase clothes for your baby according to the season. Jumper and tank shirts look nice on baby boys in the summers, and in winter, soft blazers look very good on them. You can even buy clothes according to the holiday approaches. There are small zero-sized clothes for the baby boys for each holiday.

5. Keep Them Simple

The baby clothes should be more about colors and cute prints rather than detailing and embellishments. For the baby boys, usually, some clothes require layering and putting blazers on top of one another. Undoubtedly they look great when your baby wears them, but you cannot make your baby wear them for the whole day as it is not very practical and hinders the baby's movement.

6. Buy Onesies and Rompers

What can be better than a romper for a baby boy? This is undoubtedly the cutest outfit your baby can wear. Onesies are also very comfortable and look adorable on the baby. Buy cute onesies with nice sayings on them that signify the baby boy or such things, and you have the perfect outfit for your baby. This is undoubtedly the most affordable and practical outfit option.

7. The Shoes Should Be Soft on Feet

There are baby shoes and mittens, and I can tell that just looking at them makes you want to buy all of them. But for baby girls, usually, the shoes are softer and delicate. As for the baby boys, the shoes are a little harder, depending on how they are shaped in the form of joggers. They look boyish, but they are not at all practical. So make sure to buy the soft ones for your baby boy.

8. Don’t Make Everything Blue

Gone are the days when blue was the only color for baby boys or specifically boys. No color specifies boys, but generally warmer colors and darker undertones are more boyish vibes colors. You can make the clothes look boyish by the prints and styles, not only by the color, so don't go crazy with the blue color.

9. Don’t Forget the Knit Wear

Knitwear and pajamas are the comfiest and warmest clothes for a baby. It doesn't matter if you have a baby boy or baby girl; knitwear is a must. You should buy a few knitwear items, and you can even customize it for boys in any print or writing the clothes.

10. Vests and Undershirts Look Nice on Baby Boys

You see toddlers wearing undershirts and vests, and they look adorable dressed as a teen boy. You can dress up your baby boy like that as well. A sleeveless vest as a blazer or a white undershirt and another shirt over it looks great on baby, and the baby is even comfortable in it. Just make sure that you don't layer too much.


Boys are always charming, whether it be a baby boy or a young boy. You should dress your baby boy with style so that your baby boy will look handsome all the time. I hope that the tips I have given you will help you choose the best clothes for your baby boy and you will nail your shopping trip. Just keep in mind to keep it in the budget: buy trendy and comfy apparel.

Let me know what you think of these baby boy shopping tips in the comments section below. Do you agree with me or what do you think?

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