To our loyal influencers,

2019-2020 was quite an adventure: Together we celebrated our success with Marilus Bowtique, introduced our new products along with your support, and went off onto a new chapter in our brand.  You all have spent endless nights supporting and promoting my brand, you believed in me and I am very thankful.  Well, this is an exciting moment, at least for me and I hope it's an exciting moment for you, too.

 Thank you for supporting my business.  


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"We just love Marilu’s shop. We have been with her since Jade was 3 1/2 months old. My daughter is now 23 months old.  I love all the passion of detail and the amazing craftsmanship she puts into every item she creates. Especially how she is open to customize any ideas you give her. The customs she creates are always on point. She also hand selects the perfect materials and patterns for our littles. It has been a pleasure working with her and watching the shop flourish into what it is today. We can’t wait for the exciting things she has in store this year!"

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Alani & Alaia 👧🏻👶🏻

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"We have been repping for Marilu since Alani was only 4 months, she is now almost 2 & has baby sister Alaia to rep with. We love repping for Marilu bc not only is she the sweetest to her reps but all of her clothing is sooo beautiful, unique & of great quality! She puts so much love & effort into every piece of clothing! We have watched her go from only bows to clothing & can’t wait to see what else this wonderful woman comes up with! 💗"


Emma 👧🏻

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"We have been with Marilu since Emma was just 6 months old our first shop we ever repped for and now she is 22 months.  Started off with the cutest bows and now with the most adorable clothing styles. I love and appreciate all the hard work/ long nights she puts into each detail of our babies clothes, it doesn't go unnoticed. Marilu is the sweetest and it has been such an honor to be apart of such an amazing team and watch it grow. Cant wait to see what more amazing things she brings to Petals Fashion.💕"

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"This has been our 3rd term that we rep for Marilu's shop and we are in love with all that she does. The dedication and passion that she puts in all order is beautiful and its seen in every little detail that ever single outfit that we have received from her and customer service great she goes above and beyond to help you with any custom order and to answer any question that you may have❤

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Arya  👧🏻

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"We love repping for Marilu’s shop when we started our rep journey she was the first shop we repped for! 💕 she makes everything with love and everything she does is so unique 😍 she never disappoints and we’re happy to work with such a hard working women who gives her all to her shop and is so creative and is always opened to customs 🥰 and her tat is amazing we’re beyond blessed to start this new journey with Marilu

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Amaya & Cesar 👧🏻👶🏻

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"We chose Marilu's shop because she makes fashionable and high quality clothes for my babies. Amaya has been repping for her since August 2019. Since Amaya was 7 months. She is now 2 years and 1 month. Then I had my son Ceasar and I definitely didn't hesitate to put him in the rep team. He is 9 months now. She puts all her hard work and love into her clothes and bows. If there is a problem, she does her best to resolve it. We will definitely continue to support her dreams."

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"We would love to be on your team cause you were the first shop we ever repped for! And we love everything you make from bows to clothing your work is amazing as you can see! She’s using the same Leo as last year and it fits great! Can’t wait to see what’s in store❤️"

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Isabella  👧🏻

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"Marilus has been our all time favorite shop! We have been repping since 2019! Her work is made perfectly, definitely made with love. Even her TAT is Amazing. 

We also love that she makes bigger sizes. Big sister and I match all the time. 

Can’t wait to see what she has in store for Petals Fashion! Here to support her on this new journey! "


Alessia 👧🏻

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" We would love to continue to rep for you because i love dressing her in unique items and we love every single piece we have from you ❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨✨ also help you shop continue to grow ! ❤️😊"

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Eliette 👧🏻

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"We are the representative of this beautiful store, we love their outfits and Eliette is modeling them. She is 1 year old and we are delighted with all the designs that this wonderful store has and the owner is a charming and beautiful person. I 100% recommend this store."


Olivia 👧🏻

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"We love supporting Marilu because she is such a kind & hard working person. Olivia has been repping for Marilu since she was a baby and it is the only shop she reps for; we are more than excited for Marilu’s new venture- Petals Fashion Co. I cannot wait to see what Marilu has in store."

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Skarlette 👧🏻

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"We love the items you create amazing quality and very professional. Skarlette started repping with your former brand business since she was a little peanut and would love to keep supporting your business, your new brand."

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"We have been with Marilu’s shop before Isabella turned one now she is currently 2 going for 3 years old we love her shop and her high quality of clothing line!!! She is the best she’s always experimenting with her clothing to provide her customers the best top quality from stretching material to really soft material etc. we started off with purchasing a couple of bows and clothing items we are so happy be part of her shop!❤️ And still continuing to be part of us I think the best part of this journey is watching her shop grow soo much!!! We wish her the best as she always opened up her own fabric shop we love all of our items we have purchased and so excited to see what else she brings to us"