Petals Fashion was previously known as Marilus Bowtique, which we started in June 2019, but we revamped the brand in early 2021 and gave a new meaning to our venture. I, Marilu, started this small business with the help of my husband. The main inspiration was derived from our daughter Eliana that came into our lives in 2018. Being a parent of a girl, I knew I wanted my daughter to shine. With not so many options in the market, I became my helper and started raising this handmade clothing boutique business along with my children and husband. Being a mom, I realized clothes were more than how they look. I had gone through the phase of finding the right clothes for my children. Hence, Petals Fashion Boutique is for all the parents who want to see their children in comfortable and cute outfits.

My ultimate goal is to provide soft, comfortable, cute, and most important made out of the purest fabric clothes and accessories for your kids. Starting with making the bows for my girl to crafting handmade outfits for my clients, my passion and dedication have driven me to reach new heights of success.  After a lot of hard work, trial and error, I have mastered the art of handcrafting clothes for babies and toddlers. My venture is to help out all the parents looking out for customizable garments for their children. Since I am a mom, I realize that an irritated kid can be very challenging to handle. And what you make them wear plays a massive role in their behavior. Therefore, I handpick the best quality fabrics and create the best possible designs.  

We are comparatively new in the market that gives us the edge of fresh minds and unique ideas. We offer a wide variety of clothes for your infants, toddlers, and kids. Apart from that, we create handmade accessories like headbands, bows, and many other items; bummies, halter rompers, harem shorts, harem pants, bell bottoms, lace kimono, jumpsuits, skirted bummies, skirted leotards, t-shirts, and more. With us, you also get a chance to create a custom dress for your little one. What makes us different from competitors is a willingness to work closely with our clients to create outfits for their kids. Our handmade clothes are an accurate depiction of “made with love.” So, you can get your hands on the best quality fabrics, handmade clothes for your kids, see our shop.

Thank You for choosing us!